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Air-dried Venison
Air-dried Venison

Air-dried Venison

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If your dog has not tried venison before, you should give it a try.  Reasons are:
  1. Deer meat contains a high amount of B Vitamins, giving your dog the energy they need.  It also provides the perfect amount of zinc and iron to support a healthy immune system and organ function.
  2. Venison is the perfect protein for dogs with food allergies.
  3. Deer meat is naturally lean, containing less fat and cholesterol when compared to other protein sources.
  4. Dogs simply enjoy the flavor of Venison.  If your dog has never had venison, they are likely to think it is a delicious treat.  If you own a dog who is extremely picky about their food, it is a good idea to given venison a try.  Even the most particular of pooches seem to love the flavor of deer meat.

Ingredient : New Zealand Hormone-free Venison