Free delivery for purchases over HK$300

Shipping policy

Shipping Policy

  1. Free Delivery for purchase over HK$300.00.  
  2. Normal delivery is 48 hours after orders are placed and paid.  Delivery of special customized products are subject to availability.  World of Bean is not able to control delivery time of third party service providers once the products left our premise.
  3. We will try our best to pack the products securely, however we cannot guarantee the slight crushing that may occur during the delivery process.
  4. Pet treats with no preservatives are not resistant to moisture.  Please make sure the opened bags are re-sealed securely and consume as soon as possible once opened.  Under normal circumstances, the pet treats do not need to be stored in the refrigerator if they are properly sealed. Of course, there is nothing wrong with storing them in the fridge, but it may cause the air-dried pet treats to lose its crisp due to the moisture inside the fridge. 
  5. Sorry we are not delivering to outlying islands or internationally at the moment.