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Air-dried Quail Legs
Air-dried Quail Legs
Air-dried Quail Legs

Air-dried Quail Legs

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Compared to chicken, quail meat has similar amounts of protein and fat content, however, it’s the holistic attributes of quail meat which make it far superior to chicken. 

  • Quail meat has 4 times more vitamin C and 3 times more iron than chicken meat. 

  • Quail meat has an incredibly 4% more iron than beef sirloin!

  • Quail meat has vitamin A whereas chicken meat has none.

  • Quail meat rates significantly higher in minerals and amino acids than chicken meat.

Quail has a special aroma that dogs can't resists, the bones are soft and edible, contributing to daily calcium required by dogs.

Our quail legs are packed 5 pieces in an inner bag, 2 inner bags (10 pieces) to a standard pack. 

Ingredients: Quail Legs