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Air-dried Beef Liver
Air-dried Beef Liver

Air-dried Beef Liver

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Experts recommend that organs to account for at least 15% of a dog's meals on a daily basis.  Beef liver is especially nourishing, Vets recommend serving beef liver for a short period of time for dogs that have recovered from a serious illness and have lost excessive blood (such as tick fever). In addition to serving as a snack, beef liver slices can be added to every meal. Just 2-3 slices will do the job.  In fact, when you open the bag, you will smell a strong inviting aroma, so attractive that it stimulates the dog's appetite.

Beef Liver is one of the best-selling treats of all.  World of Bean produces them in thin slices so that you can easily control how much to give to your dogs.  It is also suitable for older dogs who do not like to chew anymore.  The texture is relatively soft and can easily be broken into pieces.

Ingredients: Beef Liver