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Training Treats - Chicken & Potatoes Recipe

Training Treats - Chicken & Potatoes Recipe

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We follow the below principles in creating training treats:

1. Small Portion – training is a long process, so is the reward, the treat must be small but effective
2. Super Delicious - taste promotes enthusiasm, making training goals easier to achieve
3. Suitable Ingredients – should not cause obesity
4. Convenient – Easy to grab a handful, neat in shape to put into the pocket and set to go anytime
5. Economical – high consumption rate

The size of each piece is about 2.0 x 2.0cm and weight in the range of 0.3 grams per piece.  Roughly, each piece is around 1 calorie only.  We use chicken liver as one of the ingredients as it is rich and attractive in smell. Of course, it can be used as an ordinary treat even for dogs under weight control.  

Ingredients:Potatoes, Hormone-free Chicken Fillet, Chicken Liver

It may take up to 72 hours to produce the training treats.